Policy Outcomes in Response to Social Problems

Policy is Insufficient:

  1. Social Problem: Attendance Policy
  2. Policy is insufficient because it requires students to meet a certain requirement of days in order to move on to the next grade. For college student, they are held accountable, but the teachers are not. Therefore, some students are still not meeting the amount of days to meet attendance. Also, it does not factor in if a student is sick or has an emergency.
  3. Newberry Policies


Attendance Policy

 Policy is Excessive:

  1. Social Problem: The 1969 Divorce Act, Before The 1969 Divorce Act one partner has to prove that the other was at fault in order for the divorce to be settled. After The 1969 Divorce Act the marriage could be ended without proof of fault on either partner.
  2. Policy is excessive because partners were not able to get a divorce until after 5 years of being separated. This was a step in the right direction, but more needed to be done in order to make the divorce time period more practical.1234Divorced family

kjdshjfkahkjDivorce paper

 Policy is Misguided:

  1. Social Problem: Teen pregnancy
  2. Policy is misguided because society focuses more on being abstinent instead of the full education behind it. The more the government pushes for kids to not get pregnant, the light is dimmed on other things associated with unsafe sex. For example, STIs and STDs need a campaign to themselves to advocate more protection.
  3. 020
  4. Prevalence of Teen Pregnancies 


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