Media Attention

Gun Violence



Free Bird or jail bird? How far should gun crimes be punished?

Target Audience:

Gun owners

Should your guns be band for other neglect?


Jail, does it make a good enough statement?

Gun Sellers 

Money or safety, which means more?




These headlines do not completely reflect the facts of the news story, instead they are manipulated to fit the needs/ views of the people reading them.

For the gun owners, they may get a little irritated if they are no longer able to use their guns.

The government, specifically the court room, would be more easily targeted with their headline because they would be willing to make sure the victim gets the justice they deserve.

Gun sellers would also be willing to read the article because their business is at stake if they are constantly putting guns in the hands of people who are abusing them.


Want to learn more about the pros and cons of gun control? Click HERE

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